Cloud backup for servers

Mozy for servers is all about choices—your choices. Mozy cloud server backup lets you decide what works best for your organization. How do you want to handle server backup? Automatically or scheduled? Monthly, weekly, daily, or even throughout the day? And do you want to protect certain file types but not others? Again, it’s your choice. We understand that your data is valuable and critical to your organization, but we also understand that you want backup to be painless. MozyPro for servers is complete backup that’s scalable to meet the demands of your business today and into the future.

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Bare metal restore

Bare metal restore, or BMR, is a quick way to get a bare metal server back up and running should a mishap occur. MozyPro server backup includes BMR for your disaster recovery and business continuity needs. This feature is included at no additional cost. Not only does Mozy restore your important files, we can help you get your servers back up and running quickly!

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There's more

Mozy cloud server backup ensures that your servers’ files and databases are protected and there for recovery when you need them. When you need to protect workstations—and you do!—it doesn’t matter whether you’re dealing with a few endpoints or thousands, Mozy can handle it. No matter how many devices, Mozy scales with your business.

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What do you want? Mozy delivers.

When it comes to server backup solutions, it really doesn’t matter what bells and whistles are included if those bells and whistles don’t meet your needs. Mozy cloud server backup provides the data protection you need, including for:

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Linux
  • Network-attached storage (NAS)
  • Common business applications on Windows Server

And Mozy’s powerful, multi-tenant, and feature-rich online Admin Console lets you perform your duties the way that works best for your organization. Mozy delivers server cloud backup your way.

What about security?

Whether you’re backing up one server or many servers, it’s all for naught—if the information isn’t properly protected. With Mozy cloud server backup, your data is protected with processes and procedures that meet or exceed industry standards. But what does that mean? It means enterprise-grade security. It means encryption. Consider this: Mozy’s server backup solution uses the highest grade encryption available to ensure that your data is safe and secure on servers, during transit to the cloud, and in our data centers.

The key to encryption

One of the keys to Mozy’s approach to online server data protection is centered on strong encryption. Your files remain encrypted when stored in the Mozy data center and can only be read by you with the Mozy corporate encryption key, which is known only by the designated company officer. Once Mozy encrypts your data, it can never be decrypted by anyone—not even Mozy—but you. Mozy cloud server backup means your data is your data.

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We're not conventional

Mozy’s data storage techniques result in a much higher level of privacy than can be achieved by conventional online server backup methods. You just can’t get that with tape backup or other server backup methods. To underscore that the security of your data is Mozy’s highest priority, the Mozy product and service successfully completed an SSAE 18 Type 2 audit, which resulted in a SOC 2 Type 2 report, as well as completed a recertification of ISO/IEC 27001 version 2013.

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But should disaster strike…

Readiness: the quality or state of being ready. When it comes to cloud server backup, Mozy was born ready. And when you’ve got Mozy, you’re ready, too, if disaster strikes. Your data is stored in world-class data centers that employ the highest security and business standards, including 24x7x365 onsite monitoring and security, fire detection and suppression systems, and redundant power distribution units.

Superfast initial backup

If you have concerns about the speed of the initial upload of your data to the cloud, Mozy has the answer: Mozy Data Shuttle service. Let’s face it, who wants to watch paint dry? When you have a server with more than 100 GB of data, that initial upload can be s-l-o-w. Our Data Shuttle service provides an easy way to get large amounts of data (up to 7.2 TB!) to Mozy’s world-class data centers. It’s a superfast and secure way to start backing up your servers.

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* Data Shuttle not available for Linux servers at this time.

If it’s lost, we’ll recover it

When data is lost or a backup fails, you can quickly restore files, and in a number of ways: through the Mozy client, by right-clicking in Windows File Explorer, at, or when time is of the essence (and when isn’t it?), through encrypted media that Mozy ships directly to you. We like to think that another way to spell disaster readiness is M-O-Z-Y. (Come to think of it, you can spell server backup the same way: M-O-Z-Y.)

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