The unsung hero

Somewhere in your building there’s a superhero. His powers become more obvious when you realize that day after day he silently monitors backups and guards your data from disaster. He’s… the IT backup guy.

When the IT backup guy gets a call from branch offices looking for lost data, it’s up to him to restore it. And quickly. This isn’t as easy as it sounds. If a branch office isn’t consistent with its backups, if their backups solutions don’t work, or if recovering lost data just takes too long (tape, anyone?), our hero can’t save the day.

With Mozy, however, IT managers can save the day, every day. Mozy allows your office superheroes to easily deploy Mozy to every remote office’s computers and servers, directly from their laptops. They can also set Mozy to back up files automatically, so users never have to lift a finger. To top it all off, IT managers can even give employees what they want—a personal file sync solution. Mozy file sync gives them instant access to the files they need for greater productivity, while IT maintains control of company data, all from a single pane of glass with their Mozy cloud backups. You’ll be singing praises to your IT backup guy—and Mozy.