At your service

Professional service from our experts

Mozy Professional Services include enablement, training, and support services. Each is designed to fulfill your requirements ranging from small custom installations to global IT support desk deployments.

Get a jump start in the right direction

Our Enablement Services include options ranging from basic account setup to in-depth design, technical and business documentation, and configuration of your proposed solution. Enablement Services also ensure a successful configuration and deployment of the federated identity management feature for managing user accounts under Active Directory or LDAP.

Training—boredom not included

Our Professional Services team offers a half or full day of training based on your company’s needs. Half-day trainings are typically delivered remotely and provide training of Mozy administration features. This half-day session is designed and recommended for IT administrators who are responsible for onboarding and monitoring the Mozy backup environment. Our full-day training service is delivered onsite and provides an in-depth review of how to manage the Mozy backup environment.

This option is recommended for larger companies and for our partners. Additionally, our Support training option is ideal for partners and customers who will provide level 1 support for their employees or customers.

The help you need when you need it

Our project management and solution architect services are available to our customers as stand-alone services or as part of other services. The project management service provides you with one of our remote project manager/project coordinators 

who will oversee your installation or implementation to ensure its timely completion. When you need a solution designed above our standard offering, you can choose to tap into the mind of one of Mozy’s solution engineers.

Supporting you as you support others

Mozy’s support services provide personalized technical support activities for your Mozy environment. Our support engineers will proactively monitor, remediate, and manage change control activities within your Mozy backup environment. Your dedicated support representative will act on your behalf as your administrator, facilitate regular meetings, and provide reports, feedback and recommendations to improve your backup service.