Set it and forget it

Mozy’s “set it and forget it” system manages your backups so you don’t have to. Upon setup, Mozy begins automatically backing up your files, and continues to do so on a regular basis. You can even customize your automatic backup schedule to meet your needs. Twice a week, every day, multiple times a day—the choice is yours. Under the protection of enterprise-grade security, your files are safe and sound in the Mozy cloud.

Mozy’s Tritanium™ Cloud

The Mozy cloud is lined with Tritanium—enterprise-grade security and world-class data management, all from data protection leader Carbonite. More than 6 million individuals and 100,000 businesses back up more than 100 petabytes of information to Mozy data centers around the globe.

If you're looking to keep your online data safe and secure, you’re in the right place. Mozy offers you the choice of a 256-bit AES personal encryption key, a 448-bit managed Blowfish key, or your own corporate encryption key (available for MozyEnterprise only). Mozy uses the same standard employed by the military and trusted federal banking institutions. 

Files are transferred to Mozy data centers through an SSL-encrypted connection, ensuring that your files are doubly encrypted during transit. Our world-class data centers employ the highest security standards, including 24x7 monitoring, temperature controls, backup power supplies, seismic bracings, fire suppression systems, and biometric scanners.