Ulterior motive: excellent customer service

Yes, with its attractive margins and strong sales and marketing support (not to mention being SSAE 16-audited and ISO-certified), there are a lot of obvious reasons why more than 5,000 resellers have chosen to run with Mozy. There is, however, an ulterior motive in all of this: providing excellent service to your customers. As a Mozy reseller, you will be giving your customers the peace of mind that comes with the safety, security, and convenience that only Mozy can provide.

Reseller program details

Co-brand bonanza

Becoming an authorized Mozy Reseller is about much more than just simply making money—it’s much, much more! Mozy Resellers have the opportunity to prominently feature their company logo in the online backup product, web console, and sales collateral. This adds value to your own brand, and shows your customers that you are serious about protecting their information. Becoming a Mozy Reseller also opens up new doors for additional opportunities and increases your customer loyalty by providing a valuable service without the high maintenance of other solutions.

Mozy Reseller Portal

Your one-stop shop for all of the reseller tools and information you need to market, sell, and support your Mozy business with the Mozy Reseller Portal, including training videos, advertising material, and product documentation.

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Prepare for spare time

Track and monitor every aspect of your backup business (from initial setup/backup to usage reports and file restoration) with Mozy’s easy-to-use tools. Our stellar technical support is also available 24/7/365 to assist you with your clients’ backup needs.

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